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be a scihiyista

Our admission and enrollment process is just four simple steps and if you have questions just contact us on Messenger or call us at (032) 261 2802.


To be admitted to CCCNSHS, applicants need to have grades of at least 85 percent in English, Math and Science, and at least 83 percent in other subjects in the first, second and third (if available) grading periods; and all graduating pupils from the Special Science Elementary Schools in the Division of Cebu City with grades of at least 80 percent in all subjects.


The Cebu City National Science High School qualifying examination is consists of items designed to measure the verbal aptitude, abstract reasoning, quantitative ability and the scientific aptitude of the applicant. The questions are based on the expected learning competencies of a graduating elementary student specifically in the areas of English, Mathematics, and Science. The non-verbal examination is composed of figures and illustrations. Exams are usually on the third week of February.


After passing the entrance examination students will be subjected to interviews of the different subjects offered by the school facilitated by the Grade 7 teachers. The questions are picked randomly by the students and the teachers will rate accordingly based on the students' verbal communication skills.


The enrollment process for this institution will be linear as you will only need to go to the admin office and have your name filed.

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